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Mind Body Connection: Energy Healing for You and Your Pets

Updated: Jan 15

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is stated that 90% of all diseases is dis-ease. In other words it starts in the mind or thoughts and manifests in the physical body later.

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The western medicine model also acknowledges the mind body connection with the concept of stress. Stress caused by the mind or thoughts and strong emotions triggered by those thoughts creates high levels of the hormone cortisol in the body. This creates physical effects if it goes on too long. Fight or flight hormones cascade and the effects of those in the body can be triggered by just the thought or memory of an event that is not actually present. An example would be some shelter animals that were abused before they got to the shelter and the new owner takes them home. They are still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even though the new owner is nice to them they are still afraid on some level.

The principles of bioenergetic medicine are based on quantum physics. It is the study of animal and human bodies as dynamic electromagnetic fields that exist in an electromagnetic field, the quantum field or universe. That all chronic diseases exist at the level of energy first. All matter whether living or non living is energy, physical matter held together by electromagnetic energy. The body itself generates an electromagnetic field within the cells, positive and negatively charged ions . It is part of the unified quantum field. It is all energy,

People and body workers have observed that when a certain area of the body are massaged, it can release a painful memory and tears come or even fear. The body is stiff and painful and it is from a memory that can be hidden in the subconscious mind. Nikola Tesla was a brilliant scientist and considered the father of electrical engineering by many people. He discovered that during thinking the cerebral neurons produce waves that could be received by other neurons, thought waves transferred to another person's mind. This happens with our pets too. We can be thinking something and they just know. The cat carrier has not been pulled out yet or the leash, no words have been spoken out loud.

We can have a lot of worry about ourselves or them and those thoughts are also transferred to our pets. It is energy and eventually this can have a physical or emotional effect on them too. We are so connected in the human animal companion bond. When we do things to stay connected to nature, exercise, eat healthy, practice mindfulness, energy work, and relieve our stress levels we are happier and healthier and so are our pets.

Remote healing works on the subtle energetic level of the energy body, or subtle body. We are all part of this quantum field energetically , it collapses the concept of distance so the work can be done remotely to help restore balance to the emotions and body.

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