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Transform Your Pet's Well-Being with Holistic Treatments

Dr Carolyn Love offers personalized healing sessions for your pet's ultimate well-being. Explore a tapestry of transformative services designed to bring balance, vitality, and self-healing to your cherished companion. 


Unlock the potential of Universal Source Energy through Dr. Love's remote bioenergetic medicine healing energy transmission. Remote healing can

address concerns such as behavioral issues, mobility challenges, poor appetite, chronic health conditions, and more. It's crucial to note that this energy work complements, rather than substitutes for your regular veterinary care, and it comes with no side effects or contraindications.


In these remote bioenergetic sessions, Dr. Love works to facilitate self-healing by rectifying distortions in your pet's energy field.  This helps them to align and harmonize for optimal self-healing. Each session is tailored to support your pet's unique well-being, promoting a sense of balance and vitality.



Experience the harmony of Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage, a fusion of acupressure and massage. Safely working with meridians to balance qi energy, this technique, taught by Dr. Love, can be practiced at home with Zoom-guided sessions and provided handouts. Enjoy benefits like increased range of motion, improved circulation, and relief from musculoskeletal issues, all without known side effects.


Tap into the ancient wisdom of Chinese culinary traditions with Dr. Love as your guide. Discover a unique approach where specific foods are selected to harmonize your pet's body, addressing concerns such as excess heat with cooling dietary choices. This holistic fusion of food therapy and nutrition aligns with the timeless philosophy of "LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND MEDICINE BE THY FOOD" (Hippocrates 431 BC). It also underscores the profound role that nourishment plays in your pet's overall well-being.



Embark on a holistic healing journey inspired by millennia-old Chinese herbs and formulas. Dr. Love's approach views patients holistically, addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms. Combined with dietary adjustments, this approach supports conditions like gastrointestinal issues, neurological disorders, behavioral problems, arthritis, skin conditions, palliative care for cancer, chronic diseases, pain, and more.


Harness the bioenergetic imprint of flowers through liquid infusions to rapidly transform emotions and enhance energy. Dr. Love employs Flower Essences to balance problematic emotions and behaviors, with gradual titration and no known contraindications. Safe and effective, these essences offer a unique path to emotional well-being.


Explore a holistic approach to pet wellness with Dr. Love Holistic Pet Vet. Schedule your session today for a journey towards balance and vitality for your furry, feathery companions.

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