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Remote Healing Services

Tui Na Massage/ Acupressure Therapy

Tui Na Massage

Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage is based in Chinese Medical Theory. It is a combination of  Acupressure, conventional massage, and more advanced chiropractic techniques. It is an extremely safe technique with noo known side effects  .

 Tui Na Massage works with the meridians in the body, or energy qi channels, to balance the flow in the body. Qi Energy can become stuck in the meridians, or it can be excess or deficient, too hot or too cold.


Dr Love has instructed many people over the years to use this method of healing and balancing on their own pets at home. The video conference of Zoom makes this possible remotely with the help of handouts she will provide after the session. Some of the benefits include: increased range of motion, circulation, including the nervous system and many musculoskeletal issues.

Tui Na Techniques:

Mo-Fa touching skin and muscle

Moo-Fa doubing or massaging

Tui Fa pushing

Ca Fa rubbing

Cou Fa kneading

An Fa. pressing

Nie Fa pinching

Nain Fa holding kneading

Dou Fa shaking

Ba Feng stretching


Food Therapy and Nutrition

Food Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM has long believed in the power of food to heal the body . In  fact in China you can get a prescription from your doctor for a food dish and present it to a specialized restaurant to treat a condition of imbalance in the body.


Dr Love will recommend certain foods for your pet to help balance what is out of balance in the body.  An example of this is if a pet has too much heat in the body, they might have ear infections, skin infections, etc. The foods recommended would be cooling foods to balance and some neutral ones. Oftentimes the pet is eating the opposite of what it needs. 



Hippocrates 431 BC


Chinese Herbal Remedies

Chinese Herbal Remedies

The Chinese herbs and formulas have been used  for Millennia. There are formulary books with herbal formulas dating back over 2000 years. Humans have been the guinea pigs for our beloved pets treating different disease states with these formulas.  The herbs are used in conjunction with the body's natural ability to heal itself.


The patient is looked at as the whole, not just the part that is out of balance. Diet is very important as well. It can work like an herb but take longer to see effects. The goal is to prevent disease and restore health rather than just treat the symptom. Treating the root cause and not just the branch.   

Symptoms that have been supported by herbs





Skin conditions

Palliative care for cancer

Chronic diseases



Remote Healing Sessions:

Remote Healing Sessions

This can be part of the virtual session as well. Dr Love been a Reiki Master for over 25 years., in addition to that has studied two coursed of Remote healing transmission and techniques with the Morter Institute  of Bioenergetics , as well as other modalities. Remote healing utilizes  Universal Source Energy  the healing balancing energy is directed from the Unified Field. 

We are all ultimately made of energy. We have positive and negatively charged bioelectric fields as well  ,  a physical body and an energy body that surrounds us. Remote Healing works by tapping into the Quantum Field and working from that space to work with our systems in the body.  The remote healing usually takes 15-20 minutes.

The sessions are a team effort and you are also part of the process, holding space with breath and intention. 

Some conditions that may respond to this modality:


  • anxiety/ behavioral issues

  • mobility issues, weakness or pain 

  • poor appetite/GI issues

  • chronic health issues


**This is not a substitute for your regular veterinarian. There are no side effects to this energy work, and no contraindications


Flower Essences:

Flower Essences

These are infusions into liquid of the essence or bioenergetic imprint of the flower's Qi or life force. Flower essences do not have a smell like essential oils. Flower Essences work almost immediately to change your emotions or state of mind. They can also enhance your energy.


In many cases Flower Essences are used to balance emotions and behaviors that are problematic. The essences are given several times a day at first and can be titrated down eventually to a few times a day. It is common to stay on them for several months to rewire the behaviors. They are safe with no known contraindication.




Yoga is an ancient science of body, mind and spirit. BodyAwake yoga is for enlightenment and embodiment. It anchors the consciousness deep in the core of the body through breath work and conscious energy flow. It blends ancient yogic practices with energy medicine techniques to balance and promote self healing. The more happy , healthy, and present we are, the better for our pets ! Classes available online and in person. 

Classes in person :  MoonMountain Highway. in Bingen , Washington ( 113 W Steuben St) Wednesdays 

 8:30- 9:30 A.M.  register online please fill out Yoga release form

Classes on line  : Monday nights 6:30-7:30 P.M.   register online Please fill out yoga release form

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