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Mo Fa Tui Na #1


 It was a pleasure to work with you.

This is the first in the sequence. It’s a very gentle pressure . Connection is with the fascia and the autonomic nervous system. The  frequency 1-2x a day  sessions with the other techniques  5- 10 minutes total a session, I would do slow gentle movements with a very light touch on nervous or scared animals.


Mo-fa (Touching Skin and Muscle)


















Mo-fa (Touching Skin and Muscle) is the lightest energy Tui Na application. Mo-fa is  a rubbing movement spirally and rhythmically with the palm or finger. Mo-fa is considered a good introductory massage and is both safe and useful for the debilitated and geriatric animals. It switches on the autonomic nervous system through the fascia under the skin.


The Mo-fa technique is a type of autonomic nervous system approach to somatic therapies. It uses nervous system reflexes in an attempt to exert an effect through the skin and superficial connective tissues. It is believed  that  gentle touch can directly influence the connective tissue that is locally altered by illness, i.e. scars, local blood supply and other blockages in the flow of Qi. It is intended to set the  general circulation in order since subcutaneous connective tissue is extremely vascularized and can absorb blood as a result of constriction or dilation. The  touching can release nerve impulses along specific pathways by means of reflexes that are locked into the Central Nervous System and can sometimes create reactions in distant organs.


Key points :


1. The palm or the palm side of the finger should be attached to the surface. Bent the elbow naturally, relax the wrist, and extend the fingers straightly which creates a more fluid motion and feel. Do not have stiff arms or hands . 

2. The forearm gently and rhythmically moves with the wrist .

3. The frequency of this technique can  be about 120 times/minute to stimulate flow of Qi, or much slower to relax .


Technique actions:


Harmonizes the Middle Burner (Zhong Jiao), regulates Qi, removes accumulation and drains

Stagnation from the body and channels .


Clinical applications:


1. Chest, abdomen and hypochondriac area.

2. Stifling sensation in the chest, distention of the gastric and hypochondriac regions,

constipation and diarrhea, or food retention.

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