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Elevate Your Pet's Wellness through Love & Holistic Healing

Welcome to Dr. Love Holistic Pet Vet, where your pet's well-being is at the heart of a personalized journey toward optimal health. Dr. Carolyn Love, DVM, CVA, leads this transformative approach, prioritizing natural healing and crafting individualized wellness plans.

Experience the convenience of remote consultations via Zoom, fostering a peaceful connection for both you and your pet. Join us on this holistic journey, where love and healing intersect, ensuring your pet's well-being is cherished every step of the way.

By choosing Dr. Love Holistic Pet Vet, unlock a spectrum of benefits, prioritizing your pet's health through natural and tailored care in a convenient and holistic manner.

Harmony in Healing

Uncover a holistic approach to pet care that goes beyond traditional methods. Dr. Love's tailored treatments focus on your pet's overall well-being, for a healthier, happier life.


Preventive Care for a Healthier Tomorrow 


Natural and Non-Invasive Therapies like Bioenergetic Energy  healing transmission       


Dr. Carolyn Love demonstrating energy work

Personalized Treatments Tailored to Your Pet


Emphasis on Nutritional Health for Vitality based on Chinese food therapy


Stress Reduction Techniques for a Calmer Pet like Tui Na therapy and Flower Essences


Empowering Pet Owners through Personalized Coaching for continued support at home

Tails of Healing 

Discover heartwarming stories where Dr. Love's clients share transformative experiences with holistic pet care. 

Happy Dog


Dr. Love, We are eternally grateful that you came into our lives. You created a kind and loving place for people wanting to think outside the box and give the best care possible to our babies.



"Dr. Love, Your visionary and courageous approach to holistic care has been a tremendous gift. Describing my Shepadoodle as majestic and creative transformed our relationship. Thank you for helping me understand and appreciate him even more.

Best Buddies


Dr. Love, Words alone can’t express how much your knowledge, kindness, experience, and understanding have meant to me and my animal family. Your work has immeasurably improved the lives of my animals.

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