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Dr. Love Holistic Pet Vet

Coaching You Holistically to Support Your Pet

Our Approach

Dr  Love Holistic Pet Health provides in-home remote consultations to work together as a team to support the health of your sweet pet. We use multiple approaches to prevent disease and maintain optimal health. We work with what is already present and do our best to get to the root of the problem and not just treat the branch. Dr Love supports your pet to self heal naturally through in home remote consultations through Zoom.

The body naturally wants to be in a state of homeostasis, the body's inherent state of wholeness. We use several natural treatment options , including Traditional Veterinary Chinese Medicine, Herbal Remedies, Tui Na therapy massage/Acupressure, Nutrition, Remote Energy Work, Flower Essences, and LifeStyle Evaluation.  Dr Love is  also able to review your pet's lab work and xrays to help you with any questions you might have. We will then come up with a plan of which therapies best to use in a session. Dr Love has used all of these therapies on herself before learning them for her patients! 


Holistic Pet Care

We believe it is much better to learn how to keep your pets healthy rather than waiting for them to get sick.


Team Approach

Dr Love coaches you how to care for your pet naturally when ever possible . We work as a team!


Office Hours

  9-5PM, PST Monday -Wednesday.

Please email for an appointment:

Pets bring so much joy into our lives choosing to be loved !

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Admin Hours

Monday-Wednesday: 9am to 5pm, PST.      

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**Disclaimer: This work is not a substitute for your regular veterinarian. The  in person veterinarian client patient relationship is important and  to have in person physical exams and access to emergency care if needed. The medical information or statements made on this site are not intended for use as a substitute for the treatment of any health or  physical condition. The information on this site or services is not intended to replace your veterinarian , nor does it constitute a veterinarian client patient relationship. Dr. Love does not diagnose or prescribe prescription Western medicine. Her goal is to enhance health, prevent disease, and manage current issues holistically whenever possible. Each pets treatment and results may vary dependent on the condition of the pet.

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