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Welcome to Dr. Love Holistic Pet Vet

Help Propel Your Pet's Wellness with Love and Holistic Healing

Welcome to Dr. Love Holistic Pet Vet, where your pet's well-being is the focal point of a personalized journey toward optimal health. Dr. Carolyn Love, DVM, CVA, embraces a holistic approach that goes beyond conventional veterinary care. From nurturing natural healing to crafting individualized wellness plans, Dr. Love's dedication to help stimulate your pet's ability to self-heal is unwavering. Enjoy the convenience of remote consultations through Zoom, creating a peaceful experience for both you and your pet.

By choosing Dr. Love Holistic Pet Vet, clients unlock a spectrum of benefits, prioritizing their pet's health through natural and tailored care in a convenient and holistic manner.


Comprehensive Healing 

Addressing root causes for lasting solutions.

Natural Harmony

Promoting your pet's innate healing abilities.


Personalized Plans 

Tailored wellness plans for your pet's unique needs.

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